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How to find us?



The school is closest to the Ban Jelačić Square.

If you go from Jelac through Jurišićeva Street until you reach the square named Trg hrvatskih velikana and then you pass two,

you will enter the Rački Street. If you keep on walking and then stop in front of number 4, you will be in front of our school.

Behind the old high fence in the courtyard with birches is waiting a hundred-years-old building built in the Secession style.

On one side the school is almost attached to the Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity, while its rear side is looking on Drašković Street.

And just like 107 years ago there are two entrances to emphasize the inscriptions: GIRLS AND BOYS.

Between the school and Draškovićeva Street there is world’s best playground which extends to Đorđićeva Street.

However, between us and already mentioned Đorđićeva Street is Privredna Banka (a bank). Our neighbors are very quiet and, we admit, they do not disturb our peace (do we disturb theirs, it is difficult to answer).



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